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Technology solutions for today's
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  • Network Detection and Response

    Escalating sophistication of threats requires organizations to use multiple sources of data for threat detection and response. IronDefense enables security operators to obtain quick threat visibility across an entire environment without using agents.

  • Collective Defense

    Collaboration is essential for reducing cyber risk across an industry. IronDome enables clients to share detected events anonymously with trusted industry peers enhancing detection speed and efficacy for all participants.

What’s in it for your SOC?

  • Scaled-up resources

    Advanced behavioral analytics, with threat ratings from the IronNet CyOC, more accurately identify malicious behavior.

  • Real-time visibility of attacks

    IronDome’s Detection Correlation Dashboard presents threats visually as they occur across a network of peers, allowing enterprises to monitor threats and prioritize responses.

  • Proactive & timely defense

    Learning from threats detected on peers’ networks in real time minimizes impact to business, not only decreasing dwell time of threats but allowing for a proactive defense.

  • Reduced alert fatigue

    Correlated threat information improves accuracy and keeps the security team focused on high priority threats and reduces hunt time.

Integration with existing tools

IronDefense integrates easily with existing tools, including SOAR and SIEM,
and finds more credible threats to improve effectiveness and efficiency of existing security infrastructure.
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How We Compare

Deployments: Performance & Deployments
Max Analytical Throughout 50+ Gbps ~5 Gbps Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated
Max Sensor Ingest (per Sensor) Up to 10+ Gbps flow with Full-PCAP Up to 6 Gbps flow with minimal PCAP Up to 20 Gbps Flow & minimal PCAP Up to 100 Gbps Flow & Full-PCAP Up to 20 Gbps flow only
Sensor Hardware, Cloud , VM Hardware, Cloud , VM Hardware, Cloud , VM Hardware, Cloud , VM Hardware, Cloud , VM
Cloud Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premise Public Cloud, On-Premise Public Cloud, On-Premise Public Cloud, On-Premise Public Cloud, On-Premise
Network Detection & Response
Behavioral Analysis Behavioral Analysis backed by Expert System Outlier Anomaly Detection Behavioral Detection Network Performance Monitoring-based Analysis Netflow Analysis
AI/ML Approach Supervised, Unsupervised, & Deep Learning Mostly Outlier Detection, Bayesian Analysis Supervised, Unsupervised, & Deep Learning Supervised, Unsupervised, & Deep Learning Supervised, Unsupervised
Encrypted Traffic Behavioral Analysis, JA3 JA3 Behavioral Analysis, JA3 Full SSL/TLS Decrypt Behavioral Analysis
("Cisco ETA")
Forensics (PCAP) Continuous Limited Limited Continuous --
Response SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Firewall/NAC TCP Reset (aka Antigena) SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Firewall/NAC SIEM, SOAR, EDR Cisco Specific SIEM, SOAR, EDR, FIrewall
Traditional Threat Intel Integration IronNet IronDome TIRs, 3rd Party, Client Custom Feeds -- 3rd Party Feeds 3rd Party Feeds Cisco Talos, 3rd Party, Client Custom
Advanced Threat Research IronNet Detection Threat Research -- -- -- Cisco Talos
Real-Time Collective Intelligence
Subscription Services IronDome -- -- -- --
SOC Triage Insights Sharing -- -- -- --
Behavioral Threat Sharing -- -- -- --
Real-Time Industry Visibility -- -- -- --
Custom Supply Chain Sharing -- -- -- --
Optional 1-Way Government Sharing (Opt-in) -- -- -- --
Professional & Support Services
Deployment & Installation Services
Cyber Hunt Services IronNet CyOC -- Vectra Sidekick (Monthly/Bi-Weekly Reviews) -- Cisco Advisory Services
3rd Party Services Accenture, Raytheon or client existing MSSPs Existing regional MSSPs Existing regional MSSPs, MDRs MSSPs, MDRs Major SIs, MSSP/MDR Partners
Cyber Advisory Services IronNet Customer Success or selected highly trained SI/MDR partner Customer's existing MSSP/MDR partner Customer's existing MSSP/MDR partner Customer's existing MSSP/MDR partner Cisco Advisory Services, or MSSP/MDR Partners
Access to SME Experts Highly-trained staff of ex-NSA, DoD, and commercial cyber experts -- Limited Access to Vectra Experts (20-40 hours per year) Basic Security Assessments Only Cisco Advisory & Talos Intel
FedRamp FedRamp Ready -- -- -- --
ISO/IEC 27001 --
SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 -- --