Incident Response Services

IronNet provides exceptional incident response and digital forensic investigative services powered by an accomplished team with deep expertise. IronNet specializes in providing incident response and digital forensic investigative services to critical infrastructure companies, ranging from large U.S. Fortune 50 companies to smaller organizations.



Technical project

Our specialists manage all aspects of your incident response so your can team can continue to defend today while we respond to what happened yesterday.


Incident Assessment, Containment, and Response

IronNet incident responders will identify, contain, and minimize the cost of a cyber attack. IronNet provides incident response and forensic analysts trained to respond to the cyber incidents, returning your environment to a secured and operational state quickly, with limited business interruptions. The IronNet incident response team combines industry-leading expertise and deep understanding of attacker patterns to quickly identify, isolate, and remove attackers from your environment.


Data forensics

Our team does more than just help you identify and restore affected assets - we identify what data may have been compromised, the extent of that compromise, and formulate strategies to better secure your data in the future.

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Advanced Malware Analysis

Our reverse engineers are the best in business - bar none. If you want to understand how the attacker’s tools worked, work toward attribution, and bolster your defenses against similar attacks in the future, we can help.

Despite higher levels of investment in advanced cybersecurity technologies over the past three years, less than one-fifth of organizations are effectively stopping cyberattacks and finding and fixing breaches fast enough to lower the impact.

Accenture State of Cyber Resilience Report 2020

IronNet DNA

Our Incident Response Services leverage the expertise of former elite cyber offensive and defensive operators from the U.S. Government (Department of Defense, National Security Agency, federal agencies, USCYBERCOM) and commercial private expertise running security operations in Fortune 200 companies. 

Enhanced visibility with NDR

Given the current threat landscape, firewalls and endpoint protection tools have known gaps in threat visibility. Network Detection and Response (NDR) tools can fill those voids, rounding out your security stack to provide broader visibility across the threat landscape for faster incident response. Read more in our NDR eBook.

SOC Visibility Triad

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Let’s get started

At IronNet, we believe that assessing your cybersecurity maturity, defense capabilities, and response readiness is crucial for improving the effectiveness of your cybersecurity investments.

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