Governance and Maturity Services
with measurable data

Leveraging IronNet’s DNA, we identify and solve both specific and comprehensive security problems. Our Governance and Maturity Services measure adherence to specific regulatory or contractual requirements and provide measurable data as to the maturity of the organization’s cybersecurity capabilities.



SOC Maturity and Design

Central to the DNA of IronNet is our ability to help our customers understand their current SOC maturity baseline and the steps required to mature their existing investments to bolster their ability to detect and respond to today’s threat actors. We can help design the “SOC of the Future” to ensure that future investments, architecture, and resources satisfy the operational goals required of a successful security operations center.


NIST 800-171 Assessments

Our service consultants can perform control validation and effectiveness within a defined accreditation boundary.


CMMC Readiness/DFAR’s Interim Rule

This service helps to determine the level and readiness of an organization as a function of their role either as a subcontractor to a government contractor or directly as a prime contractor to the U.S. government.

One of the best things about the company is the talent. I think it has the right mix of execution, the right culture. They’re incredibly engaging, and very outcome oriented….We very much appreciate the partnership as well as the focus on execution.

— Richard Puckett,
former VP Security Operations, Strategy & Architecture, Thomson Reuters

Our approach

We leverage best practices to provide an in-depth evaluation of your enterprise’s maturity level, enabling us to identify and recommend actions that enhance your ability to respond to even the most complex threats.
IronNet-Advisory Services-Our Approach

10 domains of cybersecurity maturity

  • Risk management
  • Cybersecurity program management
  • Workforce management
  • Event and incident response
  • Identity and access management
  • Situational awareness
  • Asset, change and configure management
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Information sharing communications
  • Supply chain and external dependencies management

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It’s not if a breach will happen, it’s when. IronNet Professional Services give you complete visibility into your network, enabling you to spot vulnerabilities and create a highly unique plan to strengthen your security posture. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to find a Governance and Maturity strategy that works for your unique needs.

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