Cybersecurity Readiness Services

Given that threat actors continuously change their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP), these professional services are designed to ensure organizations are prepared for today‘s latest and most immediate threats.


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Penetration testing

IronNet’s penetration tests identify technology issues that expose your organization to unnecessary risk. Our experts expose flaws that are beyond the capabilities of common automated vulnerability scanners. When a vulnerability is discovered, we validate its potential for exploitation under realistic circumstances. We rate the severity level for each finding and recommend appropriate mitigations.


Red team

IronNet’s Red Team engagements are end-to-end security posture evaluations that enable your security team to exercise their processes and technologies against a simulated adversary. They are designed to uncover opportunities for improvement across your security team, security process, and security tools — even in organizations with sophisticated security controls.


Purple team

IronNet’s Purple Team service allows your SOC analysts to learn from the best as they work alongside our expert operators to detect and contain a Red Team adversary in your network.

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Table top exercises

IronNet Table Top Exercises help your overall corporate organization prepare for a cybersecurity crisis. Our table top exercises are scenario driven and response-based discussions that involve key personnel across your organization; participants may include affiliates or supply chain partners.

The IronNet team’s real-world experience combating the toughest cyber threats is simply unparalleled … their contributions to helping our company protect our customers’ data have been invaluable.
—Vadim B.
VP of Technology at a national mortgage lender

Our approach

Our methodology is rooted in action. From our initial meeting to our collaborative strategy sessions, every step of our approach helps your organization achieve the level of cyber maturity you need. Our assessments are technology-agnostic, risk-centric, and framework-based.


Penetration testing

Our full-scope penetration testing provides a detailed analysis of your current security posture to determine if your employees, processes, and technologies are effective against an adversary.


Red team exercises

Using advanced tools, our team is able to mimic attack patterns used by real-world adversaries to stop or deter them in the future.


Vulnerability assessment

Our assessments identify, define, and classify security vulnerabilities in your target network. Finally, our Red Team provides custom mitigation strategies to proactively prevent or deter an adversary from breaching your organization.

The IronNet advantage

Cybersecurity Readiness Services are essential to helping your organization prepare for attacks. But traditional red and purple teams can go only as far as their data and resources take them. At IronNet, we leverage next-level NDR backed by Collective Defense to extend our services and reach even further. By leveraging a massive network of real, anonymous data, we deliver complete visibility so we can simulate an even deeper array of real-world scenarios. From threat emulation to vulnerability assessments, IronNet is the only organization that enables you to see more threats, so you can stop more threats.

Collective Defense




Superior network behavioral analysis


Unparalleled expertise

See for yourself

Discover the power of Cybersecurity Readiness Services driven by Collective Defense. Our team will help assess your current security posture and deliver a detailed, measurable roadmap forward. Start your assessment today.
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