The Collective Defense mission continues

Protecting the public
sector at every turn

We want to ensure that federal and state governments can
safeguard their constituents.

IronNet is a FedRAMP Ready solution
"Collective Defense in cyberspace requires that the public
and private sectors work from a place of truly shared
situational awareness."
U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report
  • $13.74 million

    average annual cost of cyber
    crime for U.S. federal
    government entities

    Accenture’s 2019 “The Cost of
    Cybercrime Report”
  • $7.91 Million

    average annual cost of cyber
    crime for public sector
    entities (per organization)

    Accenture’s 2019 “The Cost of
    Cybercrime Report”

The public sector is the backbone of our nation and states. Safeguarding its continuity and availability of services is critical, especially as cyber attacks become more and more sophisticated and numerous. 

Now is the time for Collective Defense.

"The United States now operates in a cyber landscape that requires a level of data security, resilience, and trustworthiness that neither the U.S. government nor the private sector alone is currently equipped to provide ... If the U.S. government cannot find a way to seamlessly collaborate with the private sector to build a resilient cyber ecosystem, the nation will never be secure."

Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report, March 2020

With Collective Defense you gain

  • Greater visibility of
    unknown threats
    for faster detection,
    investigation, and triage
  • The ability to augment
    limited cyber staff
    through automated
    hunting and collaborative
  • Bi-directional integrations
    into SIEM and SOAR tools
    to improve effectiveness
    of cyber investments
  • Real-time access to
    private-sector analysis
    of threats
    to reduce hacker dwell time
    in public-sector networks
  • Advanced ways to see and
    classify "unknown unknowns"
    thereby automating the
    reduction of noise
    and “alert fatigue"
  • Machine learning detection
    analytics that free up staff
    to focus on prioritization
    and rapid response

See threats
around the corner

With the IronDome Detection Correlation Dashboard, it is
possible to break traditional agency silos to learn of
commercial-sector threats that may also threaten public
sector networks.


  • See more cyber threats. Faster

    We need a new, more advanced weapon to detect unknown threats: network behavior-based AI models that detect sophisticated adversaries and shorten response time.

  • Is artificial intelligence worth the investment?

    This white paper explores whether AI is an effective way to gain economies of scale for faster, more efficient threat detection and response.

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander,

Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Command


A call to action for Collective Defense

Insights on bold, new ideas for securing cyberspace, including planning for the continuity of the economy and strengthening key entities with direct government support.

Our partners advancing
the Collective Defense mission

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