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Together, IronNet’s network detection and response (NDR) and CrowdStrike’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) give organizations new levels of visibility for better cyber defense.

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Increase efficiency and effectiveness
With integrated network and endpoint detection and response

CrowdStrike provides Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities to monitor, block, and remediate threats detected on endpoints — devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile phones — that can serve as entry points to a network. That threat data is integrated into the user interface of IronDefense, IronNet’s highly effective network detection and response solution. This allows analysts to efficiently view both network and endpoint telemetry data and execute containment actions from a single platform.


IronNet and CrowdStrike: Experience the benefits

Simplify investigative workflows
IronDefense, IronNet’s network detection and response solution, works natively with CrowdStrike to provide relevant host details through IronDefense’s IronVue user interface. This delivers the contextual information that speeds up time to detection by reducing the complexity of investigative workflows.
Instantly contain threats
Analysts using IronDefense can contain endpoints with one click through IronVue. This enables security teams to instantly stop threats during an investigation from a single pane of glass.
Pivot seamlessly from network to endpoint during an investigation
IronDefense users with CrowdStrike permissions can also pivot to the CrowdStrike Falcon interface for deeper investigation, allowing security teams to seamlessly trace suspicious behaviors on the network to the source endpoint.
Leverage the power of IronDome Collective Defense
IronDefense harnesses the power of IronDome, the first automated cyber Collective Defense solution, to deliver threat knowledge and intelligence sharing across industries at machine speed. With IronDome, IronDefense and Crowdstrike customers can collaborate with others across industries and sectors to stay ahead of evolving threats.

IronNet and CrowdStrike Solution Sheet

A datasheet on how IronNet's Network Detection and Response solution integrates with the CrowdStrike platform.