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Taking better care of patient
data and operations with
Collective Defense

Let a Collective Defense approach to cybersecurity strengthen your
defense across interconnected environments.

"The attack surface is growing and cybercriminals are
developing more sophisticated tools and techniques to
attack healthcare organizations, gain access to data and hold data, and
networks to ransom."
HIPAA Journal
  • $3.8 million per provider

    annual hidden costs of third-
    party vendor risk management

    *Ponemon Institute and Censinet
  • $10.91 million per org

    annual cost of cybercrime for
    life sciences industry

    **Accenture Ninth Annual Cost
    of Cybercrime Study

Managing cybersecurity risk across diverse, interconnected health enterprises — payers, providers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and much more — is essential to the delivery of care while ensuring the privacy of patients and the security of intellectual property that underpins the innovation in the sector.

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"IronNet’s unique Collective Defense capability enables defenders to quickly and anonymously share newly discovered behaviors that indicate a potential compromise among subscribers in a given industry, helping all members better defend against that threat. By enabling this collaboration at scale, IronNet brings the big picture of attack campaigns into better focus."

Paula Musich | Research Director, EMA

With Collective Defense you gain

  • Greater visibility of
    unknown threats
    to protect data integrity
    and prevent data theft
  • The ability to augment
    limited cyber staff
    through automated hunting
    and collaborative analysis
  • Bi-directional integrations
    into SIEM and SOAR tools
    to improve effectiveness
    of cyber investments
  • Real-time access to
    peer analysis of threats
    to add to compliance
  • Advanced ways to detect
    "unknown unknowns"
    thereby automating the
    reduction of noise
    and “alert fatigue”
  • Machine learning detection
    analytics that free up staff
    to focus on event
    prioritization and rapid

See threats
around the corner

With the IronDome Detection Correlation Dashboard, it is
possible to see multiple sectors within the broader threat
landscape. Bad actors do not stick to a single industry, so
there’s value in looking across sectors.


  • Sere more cyber threats. Faster

    We need a new, more advanced weapon to detect unknown threats: network behavior-based AI models that detect sophisticated adversaries and shorten response time.

  • Only as strong as your weakest link

    You may be confident about your company’s security safeguards. But what about your vendors, suppliers, and other third-parties? Learn more about the 5 most common supply chain cyber attacks … and how to stop them.

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander,

Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Command


A call to action for Collective Defense

Insights on bold, new ideas for securing cyberspace, including planning for the continuity of the economy and strengthening key entities with direct government support.

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