The Collective Defense mission continues

Protecting the heart
of national defense

Our vision is to advance public/private collaboration to secure
the nation on today's cyber battlefield, faster and better.

IronNet is a FedRAMP Ready solution
  • ~25% of cyber attacks

    instigated by nation-state or
    state-affiliated adversaries.

    Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach
    Investigations Report
  • 83 data breaches

    in 2019, exposing about 3.6
    million sensitive records.

    Identity Theft Resource Center Report

Protecting the defense industrial base and DOD networks is critical for defending the nation at large, especially as these attacks become more and more sophisticated. Collaboration enables speed and full visibility of the threat landscape for faster detection and response.

Now is the time for Collective Defense.

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"Protecting critical infrastructure is no longer a private sector concern, but a national security imperative. We know malicious actors seek to disrupt global economies through attacks on technology systems that keep our lights on, food supplies safe and militaries prepared. Our partnership with IronNet offers the integration of advanced cyber products and operations experience to the global market."

John DeSimone | Vice President of Cybersecurity and Special Missions at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services

With Collective Defense you gain

  • Greater visibility of
    unknown threats
    for faster detection,
    investigation, and triage
  • The ability to augment
    limited cyber staff
    through automated
    hunting and collaborative
  • Bi-directional integrations
    into SIEM and SOAR tools
    to improve effectiveness of
    cyber investments
  • Real-time access to
    private-sector analysis
    of threats
    to reduce hacker dwell time
    in DOD networks
  • Advanced ways to see and
    classify "unknown unknowns"
    thereby automating the
    reduction of noise
    and “alert fatigue”
  • Machine learning detection
    analytics that free up staff
    to focus on prioritization
    and rapid response

See threats
around the corner

With the IronDome Detection Correlation Dashboard, it is
possible to break traditional government silos to learn of
commercial-sector threats that may threaten federal
supply chains and DOD networks.


  • See more cyber threats. Faster.

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  • Only as strong as your weakest link

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General (Ret.) Keith Alexander,

Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Command


A call to action for Collective Defense

Insights on bold, new ideas for securing cyberspace, including planning for the continuity of the economy and strengthening key entities with direct government support.

Our partners advancing
the Collective Defense mission

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