What if you didn’t have to defend alone?

Collective Defense

Cyber criminals are continuing to organize and grow — into groups, syndicates,
and national and international networks. And their attacks are evolving faster
than most organizations can manage alone.

Understanding the benefits of
Collective Defense

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander | IronNet Founder and Co-CEO

“As commander of US Cyber Command, one of the issues I saw was that we couldn’t see attacks in cyber against our nation. So the government’s response was always that of incident response — after the attack. We wanted to come up with a way to help companies stop the attacks before something bad happened, not after. IronNet was created to help fill that void.”

Keeping up with today's
cyber threats requires a collaborative approach

In this three-minute explainer, see how Collective Defense works to detect, prioritize, and share suspicious and malicious threats among customer environments. Even when attackers pivot and change malware to evade detection, IronNet’s behavioral analytics capabilities can quickly identify the attempted attack.

  • Stronger as One: The Case for Collective Defense

    A steady increase in collaboration and capabilities among threat actors has put companies in a position where they can no longer work alone on cyber defense.

  • Solving the current cybersecurity challenges

    Learn more about the top concerns of US security IT decision makers from various industries, based on a commissioned Vanson Bourne survey on the threat landscape and Collective Defense.

Experience Collective Defense

It’s time for a shared strategy to combat a shared threat.
Contribute to – and benefit from – a collective defense approach. Ready to see for yourself?