Introducing the IronNet Threat Research Blog

Today we announce the start of a new technical blog section dedicated to security research. Our first post will be launched tomorrow as a part of a series of blogs on DNS Tunneling techniques, starting with our analysis of the PoisonFrog malware.

The IronNet Threat Research Team's Mission

Our team is charged with collecting, processing, and analyzing threat-related data to improve the detection capabilities of IronNet solutions and share our findings with the broader security community.

Our Research Focus

The IronNet Threat Research team analyzes the communications associated with malware and web-based threats. The research performed aims to uncover tactics, techniques, procedures, and indicators to give the public insight regarding how adversaries operate and how to detect their activities. The team has members from a variety of backgrounds including offensive and defensive cyber, data science and engineering. We will also have guest Subject Matter Experts from IronNet and other organizations present thought leadership and research as part of our regular posts.

Follow the IronNet Threat Research team @IronNetTR.

About Ironnet
Founded in 2014 by GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, IronNet, Inc. (NYSE: IRNT) is a global cybersecurity leader that is transforming how organizations secure their networks by delivering the first-ever Collective Defense platform operating at scale. Employing a number of former NSA cybersecurity operators with offensive and defensive cyber experience, IronNet integrates deep tradecraft knowledge into its industry-leading products to solve the most challenging cyber problems facing the world today.