Attack Assessment

An IronNet Attack Assessment gives you a clear picture of how you can improve your overall security posture with advanced network threat detection. Learn more and find out how you can get started today.

What does the Attack Assessment deliver?

What can you expect of an
IronNet Attack Assessment?

An IronNet Attack Assessment will rate your network's performance against a potential cyberattack -- assessing the areas of strength and where there are gaps. See for yourself how to increase visibility to the threat landscape, reduce the impact of an attack, and improve effectiveness of cybersecurity investments.

What does the
Attack Assessment entail?


Increased visibility to the threat landscape

Through IronNet’s Collective Defense platform, IronDome, threats hitting our nation and key sectors on a daily basis are shared instantaneously between participants. This allows analysts to quickly identify and be notified of malicious behaviors within their environment, benefiting from the collective analysis and awareness of the IronDome.

Reduced impact of an attack

Our behavioral analytics quickly find a baseline in your environment in order to better detect anomalous behavior. These analytics are curated based on the Cyber Kill Chain, aiming at reducing dwell time in your environment and providing the broadest visibility to unknown threats. This, combined with sharing insight and intelligence around threats, improves your mean time to triage (MTTR) alerts.

Improved effectiveness of cybersecurity investments

IronNet’s Expert System, our scoring and prioritizing system built by career offensive and defensive operators, leverages operational intelligence to prioritize critical events and improve team productivity. Additionally, our Cyber Threat Emulation exercise identifies gaps in the deployments of existing cyber solutions, enabling optimization of your investments.

Attack Assessment timeline

IronNet experts are available to conduct an Attack Assessment, from wherever you are.
Here’s what you can expect:

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