About IronNet

Collective Defense is
in our DNA

IronNet was founded by General (Ret.) Keith Alexander — former head of the NSA and
Commander U.S. Cyber Command — to defend companies, organizations, sectors, and
nations against highly organized cyber adversaries and sophisticated attacks.

“I'm not sure anyone can solve the cybersecurity problem, but our bet is on IronNet’s vision and team.”
Chief Security Officer at a large energy company
General (Ret.) Keith Alexander | Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Command

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander | Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Comman

Bringing together decades on the front lines of cyber defense and data science, our leadership team has:
  • Unparalleled government experience with the NSA, Cyber Command, and DARPA;
  • High-profile commercial and Silicon Valley backgrounds launching security companies such as Duo and Zscaler;
  • Unmatched data scientist and threat hunting expertise; and
  • Services leadership authoring industry standard models for compliance.

Guided by visionaries and leaders who are
influencing the future of cybersecurity defense

  • The vision:

    General (Ret) Keith Alexander, former Commander U.S. Cyber Command, launched IronNet to strengthen cybersecurity defense against highly sophisticated adversaries, across all borders and sectors.

  • The mission:

    To deliver the power and resources of Collective Defense so that any company, organization, or public entity can defend better as part of a collaborative ecosystem with shared knowledge and vetted alerts in real-time.

  • The transformation:

    For decades, companies have been defending against cyber attacks on their own while adversaries have been organizing themselves into sophisticated hacker networks … until now, with IronNet Collective Defense.

Leading the tectonic
shift in cybersecurity

Access the latest updates on a better way to combat cyber threats by sharing and correlating events across organizations, both within and across industry sectors.


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