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2022 Black Hat USA

August 6 - 11, 2022
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Las Vegas & Virtual
See how you can go all in with Collective Defense
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Go all in with Collective Defense

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" may work at the blackjack tables but shouldn't apply to your SOC. We believe it's better to defend together instead of in isolation.

Visit booth #866 to see how IronNet can help you detect threats, exchange insights, and stop attacks faster. Don't fold to hackers. Win with the IronNet Collective Defense — where you can work within a community of peer companies, supply chains, and public sector orgs to up your cyber defense game with live, crowdsourced threat-sharing based on TTP detections. Grab your custom IronNet card deck there, too!

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The Black Hat Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a high security, high availability network in one of the most demanding environments in the world - the Black Hat event. This is accomplished with the help of best of breed solutions providers and seasoned security and engineering teams led by Black Hat’s esteemed NOC Team Leads. Together this team provides the security, stability, and visibility of a world-class enterprise network. The Black Hat NOC program is a testament to engineering know-how and teamwork.

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Want to meet with us?

Let's set a time to meet to discuss unique threat intelligence and show you how you can anonymously collaborate with peers in your industry, real-time to defend against cyber threats. Register now to meet with us and get a live demo in our booth.

IronNet Experts at Black Hat

Proactive threat identification

Available on demand starting
Wednesday, August 10 at 8:00am PT

Peter Rydzynski
Principal Threat Analyst

While defenders have significantly improved in identifying malicious activities taking place on their endpoints and networks, threat actors have also gotten more sophisticated in their evasions. Through clever delivery mechanisms that abuse legitimate services and thoughtful usage of LoLBins (living off the land binaries) many standard detection mechanisms are defeated. This demonstrates and justifies the clear need for defense in depth through a more proactive approach to detection. Join IronNet Threat Research as we discuss proactive detection of C2 frameworks and highlight some of the simple OpSec failures that enable proactive detection of C2 servers, before they are fully deployed on operations.

Why Collective Defense is the future of proactive cybersecurity