Critical infrastructure security: Are we making progress or falling behind?

This year, CISA’s Infrastructure Security Month focuses on Security and Response during a Global Pandemic. Last month, CISA shared specific Chinese government and cyber threat actor TTPs and mitigations to assist in the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure. These attacks hit the public where it hurts, disrupting and compromising essential services — and they’re as challenging to prevent and contain as they are destructive. So what’s really happening to progress critical infrastructure security? In this webinar you’ll learn:
  • CISA recognizes the role of private organizations in the protection of critical infrastructure, but what exactly does that mean?
  • Real-world observations on threats and challenges from inside the energy sector
  • Analysis of recent attacks in the news


  • Brett Williams, IronNet COO
  • Shawn Wallace, IronNet VP of Energy Sector
  • Joel Bork, IronNet Senior Threat Hunter & Advisor