Digital Detect:
Identify and stop malicious ad fraud

Digital ad fraud is a growing cybersecurity issue. Fraudulent ad traffic drives up cost, drives down campaign impact, and increases risks to your brand’s reputation. At IronNet, we bring the power of network-level cybersecurity to ad fraud detection. Digital Detect amps up your digital marketing effectiveness by using advanced analytics to find more invalid traffic. See more threats, stop more fraud with Digital Detect.

Ad fraud puts your brand at risk

Digital marketing is more important than ever. But the scale and complex deployment make it a prime target for malicious activity. Invalid traffic (IVT) driven via bots and other malicious digital behavior creates real challenges for your organization's marketing strategy. If your ads aren’t being viewed by real customers, how does your campaign make an impact? And who is benefiting from your ad spend? Ad fraud affects your bottom line and opens your brand up to risk. Today, you can’t discuss your digital marketing efforts without discussing cybersecurity. The problem isn’t going away; in fact, it’s only getting worse.

Typical fraud detection tools find IVT by analyzing traffic to digital media and looking for unusual traffic patterns. Unfortunately, because these tools study only digital ad traffic, they overlook some of the more nefarious and sophisticated forms of ad fraud that can compromise your reputation, customer data, and overall campaign ROI. Organizations need a smarter way to identify and stop malicious ad activity. Digital Detect is the only cyber intelligence-driven solution proven to stop more ad fraud to help teams maximize budgets, build legitimate awareness, and increase qualified leads.

During a fraud and traffic analysis engagement with a top consumer brand, Digital Detect diagnosed nearly 13% of ad traffic as fraudulent

Cyber Invalid Traffic (CIVT) is a new form of IVT
that indicates ad fraud committed by today's most sophisticated adversaries.

Defend your bottom line

Digital Detect goes beyond traditional invalid traffic detection. Our advanced behavioral analytics capabilities correlate ad traffic with malicious network activity to give you a more comprehensive picture of invalid impressions and traffic, as well as other fraudulent activities such as malware-infected corporate networks and targeted botnets. In the past, you've wondered if fraudulent activity was going undetected, and now you can quickly spot and defend your brand against it.

IronNet-Digital Detect-Improved Return@2x

Improved return on ad spend

  • More accurate identification of IVT to inform advertising strategy development
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of threats to campaign budget
  • Pre-buy intelligence to minimize CIVT exposure
IronNet-Digital Detect-More effective campaigns@2x

Broader threat coverage

  • Cybersecurity expertise in detection of novel traffic patterns to uncover IVT that other fraud tools miss
  • Better identification of new threats through correlation of ad and network traffic
  • Comprehensive and specific illustration of evolving threatscape over time
IronNet-Digital Detect-Reduced Brand Risk@2x

Better brand protection

  • Proprietary intelligence that identifies threats to ad campaigns
  • Cyber threat data that helps close back doors into attacks on your brand's digital assets
  • Enhanced defense capabilities that go beyond campaign fraud detection to protect your brand reputation

How it works

Case Studies
IronNet-Digital Detect-Fortune 1000@2x

Fortune 1000 digital marketing company

The Challenge:

Contrast the customer’s incumbent IVT solution with Digital Detect’s capabilities, demonstrating the value of scanning for CIVT in paid search advertising.

The Solution:

IronNet’s advanced fraud detection technology was deployed and monitored, comparing customer’s paid search activity to their incumbent solution

The Outcome:

– IronNet’s Digital Detect found the customer’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solution was yielding 15.65% invalid traffic

–78% of IVT was driven by Bing/Yahoo, 28% by Google

–,~$22M in potential savings of their $140M annual search spend

IronNet-Digital Detect-Global Consumer Brand@2x

Global consumer brand

The Challenge:

Compare General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) findings to that of the current fraud detection tool, and report previously undetected malicious traffic affecting ads bought programmatically through a major DSP.

The Solution:

Apply Digital Detect to customer ad creatives inside of a major DSP before execution and identify standard IVT as well as a newly defined category CyberIVT.

The Outcome:

–More than 2% of impressions identified as standard types of GIVT and SIVT

– An additional 13% of impressions identified only through Digital Detect’s Cyber Invalid Traffic (CIVT) analytics

–Assessment that revealed certain traffic during this ad campaign was being routed to either a sophisticated fraudster or nation-state sponsored criminal

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