Detect hackers before they attack

Strengthen digital trust
with Collective Defense

Financial services companies need a better way to secure
their environment and respond to threats quickly.

"Even an attack against a midsize bank could have a
spillover effect, causing a threat to the solvency of a top-
five institution."

Industry leading customers

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  • 300 times more likely

    that cyber attacks are aimed at
    financial institutions

    Boston Consulting Group 2019
  • 40% higher cost

    of cybercrime for financial
    services than other industries

    Accenture and Ponemon Institute, Ninth AnnualCost of Cybercrime Study 2019

Broader, real-time visibility of threats across the industry's ecosystem can strengthen your cybersecurity defense, protecting your company and the sector at large.











*Cyber attacks could cripple U.S. Financial Systems, CFO, March 11, 2020

“We renewed and expanded the IronDefense solution as a result of the increased precision of analytics, proactive hunt team support, partnership with our Customer Success team, and the capability to crowdsource tools, resources, and expertise across our peers through IronDome's Collective Defense offering. We believe IronNet is the next big thing in cyber.”

Senior Security Director at a large US-based banking institution

With Collective Defense you gain

  • Greater visibility of
    unknown threats
    for faster response
    and mitigation
  • Better ability to detect
    insider threats
    by detecting “cloud trails” /
    anomalous network behavior
  • More productive time
    managing IOCs
    through machine
    learning analysis
  • Real-time access to peer
    analysis of East/West
    to reduce hacker dwell time
    and alert fatigue
  • The ability to enhance SIEM /
    SOAR with analytics
    and advanced tools
    that integrate with
    existing investments
  • Improved security for your
    remote workforce
    for peace of mind and agility

See threats
around the corner

With the IronDome Detection Correlation Dashboard, it is
possible to see multiple sectors within the broader threat
landscape. Bad actors do not stick to a single industry, so
there’s value in looking across sectors.


  • See more cyber threats. Faster.

    We need a new, more advanced weapon to detect unknown threats: network behavior-based AI models that detect sophisticated adversaries and shorten response time.

  • Is artificial intelligence worth the investment?

    This white paper explores whether AI is an effective way to gain economies of scale for faster, more efficient threat detection and response.


General (Ret.) Keith Alexander,

Co-CEO of IronNet and former Commander U.S. Cyber Command


A call to action for Collective Defense

Insights on bold, new ideas for securing cyberspace, including planning for the continuity of the economy and strengthening key entities with direct government support.

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Collective Defense mission

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