(Virtual Roundtable) Nation-State Threats: What Your Board Needs to Know

Location: Southeast US

Does your organization see itself as a potential target of a nation-state cyberattack?

If you answered “No” or even “Maybe,” then it is time to reassess your vulnerability. We all are vulnerable.

The recent SolarWinds supply chain attack capped off a series of strikes by nation-state actors, demonstrating that any organization could be a target – no matter your company’s size or business sector. And it is critical that boards and senior business executives understand this reality and endorse the necessary steps to shore up defense capabilities.

How has the nation-state threat landscape shifted, and what lessons can we draw from the SolarWinds attack? How can organizations gain greater visibility into incoming threats? How can public and private enterprises alike overcome concerns that may impede effective threat information sharing?

Please join ISMG’s Tom Field for an exclusive Virtual Roundtable that will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on how they can develop strategies that reduce the business risk generated by nation-state level hackers.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How have you seen the nation-state threat landscape evolve over the past year?
  • How do you currently ingest, analyze, and share threat intelligence?
  • How do you currently communicate to senior leadership and the board re: the nation-state threat?
  • How will you improve communication to the board and/or senior leadership?
  • What will you do in 2021 to reduce business risk generated by nation-state threats?

Joining Tom to provide expert insight and case studies is Bill Swearingen, Cyber Strategist at IronNet Cybersecurity.