SANS CloudSecNext Summit Solutions Track

Location: Virtual


Event Overview

Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly more attractive to organizations as they offer cost savings, flexibility, and increased operational efficiency. However, protecting systems, applications, and data in the cloud presents a new set of challenges for organizations to overcome. Security teams need to adapt and learn how to utilize the tools, controls, and design models needed to properly secure the cloud.

For businesses and users making the transition to the cloud, robust cloud security is important. Constantly evolving security threats are becoming more sophisticated and IT teams will achieve greater security if they adopt a similar approach for the cloud as they do for their on-premise IT environment. Cloud security solutions are generally deployed and used to help protect data running across major public cloud services and private clouds.

Join this SANS lead event as we explore various cloud security topics through invited speakers while showcasing current capabilities available today. Presentations will focus on technical case-studies and thought leadership using specific examples relevant to the industry.

Relevant topics:

   Public Cloud, Multicloud, and Hybrid-Cloud Scenarios

   Security and DevOps Automation

   Dockers and Kubernetes

   Security Monitoring and Threat Detection

   Web Applications

   Architecture and Operations SaaS and PaaS