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CYBERSEC Global 2020

From the very beginning of humankind history, with each new innovation also came new perils. Every technology, next to its primary goal of improving the well-being of societies, also has another side, enabling the adversarial and malicious activities. So does one of the greatest inventions of the last century that completely transformed our lives – the Internet, the supreme example of digital technologies which in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic are now rapidly moving us to the new fully digital world – our so-called new normal.

The new digital world should be therefore created with responsibility and the willingness to learn and develop a common understanding of what it takes to keep using a given technology for good. The next edition of the CYBEREC Forum, with its leitmotif Together Against Adversarial Internet, will be a platform to discuss the way forward in building cybersecurity in the new digital reality. Together, as a CYBERSEC community, we can prove that 2020 will also be a year when cybersecurity becomes a key priority on the political and strategic agendas of organisations and countries.