Digital Ad Fraud: A Cybersecurity Issue


Find more fraud with IronNet’s Digital Detect

Invalid traffic (IVT) driven via bots and other malicious threats is a growing challenge with serious consequences such as escalating costs, reduced viewability, and increased brand risk. Typical ad fraud detection tools are modeled on experience with suspicious digital ad traffic. It’s a good start, but in reality, this means they overlook some of the most sophisticated and dangerous traffic visiting your digital media. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Organizations need a better way to detect fraud, maximize ROI, and keep their brand safe.


Digital Detect, the only ad fraud analytics platform that identifies Cyber Invalid Traffic (CIVT.)

CIVT is a whole new category of IVT. These complex patterns of invalid traffic can be found only using advanced behavioral analytics on movement deep in the digital supply chain. IronNet’s Digital Detect is proven to uncover more types of IVT, helping to stop fraud and reduce risks to your brand and customers.

What is digital ad fraud?

Digital ad fraud occurs when you don’t get the human audience reach you’re paying for.
Digital ad fraud is a result of three primary factors:
Bot activity & malware
Diminishing viewability 
by embedding ads

(e.g. an ad embedded in 1 pixel)

Manipulation of
impression numbers

All ad fraud detection tools find general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT), making you feel like you've stopped the fraud and plugged a critical leak.


General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) filtering

Checks standardized parameters and known blocklists to find:
  • Known data center traffic
  • Anonymous hosting and VPNs
  • Pre-fetch traffic

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) scanning

Uses advanced analytics, multi-point corroboration, and human intervention look for
  • Spiders masquerading as legitimate users
  • Human-like bot behavior
  • Incentivized manipulation of impressions

What do these tools see?

Ad fraud detection tools are only useful if they keep up with the fraudsters. If your current platform is reporting the same amount of IVT it found last year, or even your last campaign, your flashlight needs a brighter bulb. Traditional ad fraud detection tools only tell part of the story.

You aren't seeing everything.

Digital ad fraud is a cybersecurity issue

Ad fraudsters are using advanced methods to do more than inflate ad views. Recent digital ad fraud attacks could capture personally identifiable information of customers, costing millions in mitigation and negatively impacted brand reputation. Cybercriminal techniques include:

Advanced phishing


Command & control


Domain generation algorithms launched within the buy chain to avoid blocklisting


Seemingly safe origin sites with extreme rate traffic


Suspicious traffic patterns using techniques from well-funded APT or nation-state adversaries


We call this Cyber Invalid Traffic (CIVT), and now there’s a way to spot it, and stop it.

Detect what GIVT and SIVT tools can’t

Only a CIVT detection platform — built by cybersecurity experts — can shine a light on more fraud across the digital ad supply chain.
IronNet’s Digital Detect creates a safer digital presence by analyzing traffic to ads and websites to identify the fraudulent activities that affect campaign effectiveness and put your customers at risk.

Digital Detect: the smarter way to stop fraud

CIVT is an entire category of threatening traffic that has flown under the radar, until now. IronNet’s deep expertise in behavioral analytics for cybersecurity has produced an ad fraud solution that can protect your customers and brand, as well as your ad campaign budget. Digital Detect goes beyond traditional ad fraud tools, enabling your team to quickly spot fraudulent activity so that you can take action and defend your bottom line.

Gain deeper insight through CIVT: identify up to 6 times more IVT and protect your brand.

Digital Detect

Find more digital ad fraud.

As the only CIVT detection platform on the market, IronNet’s Digital Detect was built by cybersecurity experts who have spent years studying malicious traffic that targets high risk entities such as political bodies, intellectual property, financial enterprises, and personal information databases. It’s time for better way to protect your customers and maximize your digital efforts, authentically. Find fraud more quickly — and more accurately — to protect your ad spend, campaign impact, and brand reputation.